The 3IP® Standard and Network

By following the 3IP® standard, organisations associated with the contract of purchase have an opportunity to better manage credit risk. Through offering financial incentives (discounted rates) for consumers, this means that people can make informed and insured purchases via networks of elite companies that display the 3IP® enabled standard.

A 3IP® enabled network checks the quality of the sales process and workmanship before a contractor is paid.  A trader will complete the sale with a consumer and then upload all documentation etc to the cloud for approval from a central Quality Assurance Team. Once confirmed, the consumer and lender are notified, and payment is processed to the trader.

Once the work is started, each step of the installation process is captured using patented technology. On completion, there is a 2-stage sign-off process

1) consumer sign-off; and,

2) independent QA team sign-off,

before final funds are released from the lender. This process then triggers the generation of a comprehensive insurance backed guarantee policy for the consumer.

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The benefits of using 3IP

installation management

credit risk

Protection for
all parties

installation management

of processes

customer satisfaction

Improved customer satisfaction

Reduced complaints and claims

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