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In-depth sector expertise


Monetary and resource savings


Industry leading speed of service


Full end to end protection


Bespoke business solutions


Great customer outcomes achieved

Scale, Scope and Capability

Building on our heritage as a market leading consumer protection organisation, we have vast industry experience and over many years we have constantly improved industry standards.

The QASSS contractor network coverage provides national control, regional support and local delivery across all home improvement and building repair market verticals. Our contractor network capacity continues to increase year on year and in 2019 a total of nearly 50,000 projects were completed with a contract value of over £300m.

We operate a robust contractor selection programme and through extensive due diligence only the best businesses are selected to work with us long term. Our Service Delivery Team work with our existing members to market, develop and constantly improve individual businesses.

All our processes have been designed by industry experts, absolutely focused on the customer journey and achieving appropriate outcomes for the people we serve.

At QASSS we use a unique Workflow Management Platform and integrated Video Capture Technology to drive the consumer and contractor journey from the start of each project, through key milestones and onto final successful completion.

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Strategic Advisory Council

The QASSS Strategic Advisory Council comprises our Managing Director, Commercial Director, Marketing Director and external industry figures who provide additional expertise and knowledge across a diverse range of subjects. Our Advisory Council members use their knowledge, understanding and strategic thinking to constantly monitor developments and market issues.

We are currently reviewing the composition of our Strategic Advisory Council, so if you are interested in joining and want to be part of transforming an industry, we would like to hear from you.

QASSS Alternative Dispute Resolutions

Key Facts and Numbers to Consider About the Market

  • In the UK there are 992,000 construction businesses ranging from PLC type organisations down to owner operators with no employees.
  • Annually there are approximately 82,000 company closures with businesses ceasing to trade etc.
  • Many complaints proceed down the Financial Ombudsman Service route, which can be costly and time consuming for all parties.
  • The Financial Conduct Authority is continuing its focus on businesses operating Appointed Representative models in the financial sector.
  • An estimated 12m consumers are affected per year when businesses fail.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions in the UK will be cut to almost zero by 2050, under government plans to tackle climate change.
  • The market infrastructure linked to renewables is developing and there will need to be significant growth across new build and retro fitting over the coming years.
  • Research by Scottish Power confirms that an estimated 4000 installations (air source heat pumps and EV charging points) will be needed across the UK every day until 2050, if the country is to achieve its carbon target.
  • The renewables space has a history of mis-selling by installation companies and this previously resulted in most lending organisations withdrawing from the sector.


QASSS Core Values

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A Trusted Partner

QASSS protects consumers and mitigates risks across the home improvement, renewables and building repair sector. Building on our heritage as a leading consumer protection organisation in the home improvement sector, we are CTSI approved and provide industry-leading expertise and continually work to improve services and standards across the sector.

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