Our ADR Officials

Adrian Simpson

Adrian Simpson – B.A. (Hons) MCTSI

Adrian’s career began in 2005 as an advisor for Consumer Direct and since then has had other rules such as Cross-Border consumer advisor at the UK European Consumer Centre, Consumer Services Officer at a London Borough, Senior Trading Standards Practitioner at a London Borough, Food, Safety and Trading Standards Manager, Service Director for the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme and Assistant Director of Consumer Policy at HIES and DGCOS.

Adrian is also a Lead Officer for the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, Non-Executive Director for the National Home Improvement Council and CTSI Lead Officer for Renewable Energy and Home Improvements.

Charlotte Pilkington

Charlotte Pilkington

As the Dispute Resolution manager at QASSS, Charlotte is responsible for the customer facing departments which are Customer Support and Administration, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Remedial Works Management. Charlotte’s role is to ensure that all departments work together and in line with the scheme rules and code of practice ensuring they deliver excellent service at all times and understand the industry requirements for all schemes within QASSS.

Tracy Dilworth

Tracy Dilworth – Dispute Resolution Officer

As a Dispute Resolution Officer at QASSS, Tracy is responsible for mediating complaints for consumers and installers. The aim being to always have a successful result in mind.

Tracy’s passion for mediating shines through with a friendly, positive and helpful approach in obtaining the right results. Some disputes may be minor, whilst others escalate into something more serious which require formal processes. All of her work is based on the belief that interactive and intelligent conversations are the foundation of an open, trusting and productive ‘Clear Air’ workplace culture.

Cathryn Wolfenden

Cathryn Wolfenden – Dispute Resolution Officer

Cathryn is a highly valued member of the ADR team with 20+ years of customer service experience and 2 years within the dispute team. She has several Consumer Rights, Product Training Courses and Customer Service qualifications under her belt.

Cathryn is always striving to deliver quality results that exceed expectations. She is a focused individual with excellent professional, communication and organisational skills.

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