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QASSS Partnerships

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Key Features of Our Services

  • 3IP a new industry standard for contractors and installers
  • “One Stop Shop” for B2B clients
  • Brand Ambassador – George Clarke (TV Broadcaster)
  • National network with regional control and local delivery
  • Fully vetted contractors and installers
  • Services spanning all market verticals and postcodes
  • Evidential video capture technology
  • Market leading workflow platform
  • Energy Performance Validation service (renewables)
  • Technical underwriting support for insurers (renewables)
  • Comprehensive supply chain for claims fulfilment (renewables)
  • Full suite of complaint management services
  • Award winning and expert Dispute Resolution Team
  • Desktop claims management
  • Tiered inspection services
  • Technology led scoping / estimating
  • Consumer portal (in development)
  • Robust cost management
  • Contractor performance management
  • Industry leading account management
  • Business Assurance process for onboarding contractors
  • Quality assurance programme
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Thoughtspot provides granular data
  • Workflow platform access for B2B clients
  • Work guarantee for completed works
  • Contractor guarantee insurance
  • Access to market insight and thought leadership
  • Fixed fees and bespoke pricing
  • Delegated Authority model
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Building on our heritage as a leading consumer protection and membership organisation in the home improvement sector, our dispute resolution process is Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) approved and have over 10 years’ experience helping businesses and consumers alike. We provide industry-leading expertise and continually work to improve services and standards across the sector.

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