Over the last year, during the pandemic, many businesses have avoided litigation and used alternative dispute resolution to resolve commercial disputes.

63% of more than 100 companies surveyed by YouGov for EY said that since the pandemic began, they had adopted a more conciliatory approach to disputes, with 77% using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to help resolve an issue.

The results suggest that many companies did follow official government guidance issued in May 2020 which advised companies to avoid litigation during the pandemic.

Based on their experience during the pandemic, 44% of companies indicated that they would be more likely to use ADR to resolve future disputes due to greater flexibility, time and cost savings as compared to the legal route.

However, EY predicts a likely post-pandemic surge in legal claims in 2021 as many companies indicated that they expected to see a step-change in the need to maximise the recovery of losses once the current package of government support for businesses and employees ends.

Yet, 43% of companies also indicated that they feel unprepared to deal with any potential increase in claims due to potential claim volume and insufficient resources, increased pressure to settle quickly due to broader business and financial pressures, uncertainty about the ongoing impact of COVID-19, and concerns over the pending impact of Brexit related disputes.

Using an approved Alternative Dispute Resolution provider as an extension of your team will help relieve the pressure on internal resources, saving both time and money. ADR is considerably cheaper than litigation and can help resolve disputes quickly and fairly, helping to protect brand reputation.

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