DGCOS Ombudsman Scheme

What does DGCOS offer?

As part of the comprehensive protection offered by DGCOS, every customer of a DGCOS member will receive deposit and stage payment protection and an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG). Once the installation is complete, a scheme certificate will be issued directly to the customer along with the IBG and a customer satisfaction survey to complete.

In addition to free deposit protection, free stage payment protection and free insurance backed guarantees, consumers using a DGCOS accredited member can benefit from our robust and speedy Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) approved alternative dispute resolution service, thus ensuring they are protected at every step of their home improvement glazing journey.

Our glazing scheme has protected:









DGCOS Ombudsman Scheme

Member Benefits

  • The only consumer protection scheme that is endorsed by George Clarke (Architect & TV Presenter) and Nick Ross (Former BBC Watchdog & Crimewatch Presenter)
  • Increased profit margins
  • Increased sales conversion rate
  • Industry leading alternative dispute resolution
  • Reduced cancellation rates
  • Insurance Backed Guarantees for every customer
  • Deposit and Stage Payment Protection
  • Access to finance facilities
  • One registration does it all
  • Suite of free point of sale marketing material
  • Access to new leads
DGCOS Ombudsman Scheme

Consumer Benefits

  • The only consumer protection scheme in glazing that is endorsed by George Clarke (Architect & TV Presenter) and Nick Ross (Former BBC Watchdog & Crimewatch Presenter)
  • Access to fully vetted and accredited Installers (to provide reassurance)
  • A free consumer advice line: 0800 195 9433
  • Free Deposit and Stage Payment Protection
  • A free Insurance Backed Guarantee (purchased on your behalf by DGCOS)
  • Free mediation for every customer when required (to help fully resolve any disputes)
  • Access to free independent inspections for every customer (to assist with installation/product defects at DGCOS discretion)
  • Free access to The Ombudsman for every customer if required (to conclude any disputes without incurring legal fees or costs)

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QASSS protects consumers and mitigates risks across the home improvement, renewables and building repair sector. Building on our heritage as a leading consumer protection organisation in the home improvement sector, we are CTSI approved and provide industry-leading expertise and continually work to improve services and standards across the sector.

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