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We’re known for our industry-leading speed whilst delivering quality services through our elite and trusted network.

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As well as an accredited contractor network, all work is also guaranteed.

customer satisfaction

High levels of customer satisfaction

Unique video capture technology means all jobs are closely monitored to ensure quality standards.

Schemes Overview

Contractor Selection


In order to deliver the best possible service to customers and clients, contractors are rigorously vetted before they can join our national network.

It is crucial that we have a deep understanding of each contractor’s business. As part of the vetting process, we focus on a number of areas including business assurance, business status, structure and scope, background checks, skillset and competency, insurance policies and compliance, capacity planning, customer contracts, financial and accounting checks, quality management, social media and customer care and satisfaction ratings.

We continuously monitor and support our contractor network in delivering high standards. Plus, with unique video technology capture and validation (for the renewables sector), both clients and customers receive full end-to-end protection.

A Trusted Partner

QASSS protects consumers and mitigates risks across the home improvement, renewables and building repair sector. Building on our heritage as a leading consumer protection organisation in the home improvement sector, we are CTSI approved and provide industry-leading expertise and continually work to improve services and standards across the sector.

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