Home improvement survey

The NHIC in conjunction with QASSS carried out a digital survey from 26th March – 3rd April 2020 to provide a snapshot of the initial impact of the virus and resulting lockdown on the home improvement sector.

The results of the survey give us an early view of the behaviours and actions of consumers and organisations within the home improvement sector. As the weeks go by, these results could ultimately change but clearly, there are some concerning outputs in here, which state the case for the following actions:

More public clarification from government, specifically for the home improvement sector, on what is classed as essential work within the home, and to have those carrying out those works classed as key workers. This, in turn, will help relieve some of the pressure from media messaging, which is being channelled by members of the public into verbal or digital abuse towards companies operating in the interests of consumers in need.

Public funds being made available as consumer detriment kicks in as companies initiate temporary closure, meaning some consumers may have to find alternative companies to complete essential works. This, unfortunately, could impact the original warranties in place, and consumers need to know that funds could be made available to ensure finding another company is not a financial burden to them.

Leadership within the home improvement sector. It’s clear that it’s not easy out there for both companies and consumers, but yet this is not being heard at a high enough level. We can see the construction industry successfully raising valid points with government, and in turn driving action. We can see the Federation of Small Businesses successfully engaging with government, in particular around the topic of financial support for sole traders. We need similar voices in place for the home improvement sector, which represents around a fifth of SME companies.

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QASSS Home Improvement Survey

In the meantime, if any consumer or company within home improvement or renewable energy does need support, we are here to help in what are some of the most challenging of times. Contact our team on 0330 335 3354 or email [email protected]


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