glazing installers

A recent survey by FENSA over 6,000 glazing installers conducted at the end of 2020 found that since the first lockdown in May, 74.6% of installers said that work levels have been good or very good since returning to work. This rose to 81.7% when questioned about demand from homeowners throughout the second half of the year.

Encouragingly, demand seemed to bounce back quite quickly in the sector. However, the market was not all rosy with many glazing installers experiencing issues and delays in the supply chain (over 94%).

Looking ahead, glazing installers were also buoyant about the future with nearly 67% of respondents feeling cautiously optimistic that demand levels would continue.

Despite the Green Homes Grant Scheme, designed to help fund energy-efficient measures, only including double glazing as only a secondary measure, demand for double glazing appears to be remaining strong with more and more homeowners looking to invest in home improvements.

Chris Beedel, FENSA Director of Membership, commented, “The industry is incredibly busy and FENSA Approved Installers are winning a huge amount of work…we remain cautiously optimistic.”

In another survey by Pilkington, natural light was one of the most sought-after features by homeowners, with 54% citing double-glazed windows in their dream home, with 17% wanting bi-folding doors, and 14% wanting skylight windows.

Managing Director, GGF Commercial Group, Anda Gregory, also commented on the glazing sector’s resilience, “Installers have been severely tested. From having their businesses closed almost overnight, followed by welcome but unexpected strong demand, they have risen to the occasion.”


Image: wirestock