Installation management – how it works

QASSS for many years has been providing remedial maintenance to the financial services sector and home improvement retailers. In 2021, we flipped that process, utilising all of our learnings from when things go wrong, to produce a new installation management service, using only those installers approved under our 3IP® standard.

We have been working with retailers, banks, insurers, and public bodies to create this new standard and this is what our network of contractors works to when installing products for our clients.

All of the above is supported by the industry-leading, QASSS resolution teams that work with contractors and consumers to resolve any warranty claims, complaints, or technical issues. With our longstanding membership of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, as an approved Alternative Dispute Resolution provider, we are well versed in monitoring risks associated with poorly installed or poorly sold products.

Our team of planners will take your sales order and assess it to ensure there are no issues with the selling or contractual paperwork process. From there, the installation will be assigned to one of our approved contractors and QASSS will ensure the consumer is kept up to date through the course of the installation process.

A suite of aftercare services kick upon completion of the installation and our works comes fully protected with a range of warranties and assurances to give you full confidence, that your customers are being treated brilliantly throughout the installation process.

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Key features of our service

Installation Management

Accredited 3IP® installation network

installation management

Evidential video-capture technology

installation management

Proactive checks, monitoring and auditing

installation management

Energy Performance Validation Service (renewables)

QASSS Partnerships

Includes a range of warranties and assurances

Full end-to-end protection for clients and consumers

customer satisfaction

Great customer outcomes achieved in the installation process

installation management

Award-winning complaints, resolutions & aftercare team

installation management

National service spanning all home improvement market verticals

installation management

Specialist expertise including industry knowledge hub

Our commitment


We are absolutely committed to raising standards across the home improvement and renewables industry and through our network of key stakeholders (Government, Regulators, Industry Bodies, Trade Associations, Chartered Trading Standards Institute, Citizens Advice Bureau and Financial Institutions, etc) we are uniquely placed to continue driving improvement and change across the sector.

By teaming up with our experts, you will get the chance to take your business to the next level and ensure great customer outcomes. By using our installation management services, your customers get access to elite and accredited traders, supported by superb aftercare and guarantees.

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Building on our heritage as a leading consumer protection and membership organisation in the home improvement sector, our dispute resolution process is Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) approved and have over 10 years’ experience helping businesses and consumers alike. We provide industry-leading expertise and continually work to improve services and standards across the sector.

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