cyber resilient

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has launched further online advice to support SMEs to ensure their companies are cyber resilient, particularly given the increasing risks of cyber attacks and fraud during and post COVID-19.

Businesses are being urged to consider key questions to help them understand their business needs, particularly around adapting to more online and remote working. Even if you have a business that has been used to operating online, the nature of your IT services and support you require may well have changed with increased numbers of remote workers, increases in online quotes and transactions, and increases in video conferencing software and other meeting tools and apps.

To use the latest advice, businesses should consider the following 6 key questions to help identify current and potential risks and areas for improvement:


    1. What technology do you use already?

What IT assets do you own, operate and manage yourself? It’s difficult to secure technology if you can’t identify who’s responsible. Clarity is the important thing here.


    1. Are you using cloud services?

If you are, you need to assess the security of cloud-hosted software products.


    1. Do you have access to IT Support?

Are you becoming more reliant on digital services to do business? Think about how you would cope if these services were unavailable. Detailing the services you use, identifying support levels and escalation routes, will help you understand and prepare for any issues.


    1. What cyber security measures do you have in place?

The NCSC’s Small Business Guide can help you to establish a baseline set of security policies for your IT.


    1. Are there any regulations you need to follow?

If your business is now processing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) online, you will need to GDPR compliant. If you are processing card payment information, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard will apply.


    1. Do you have cyber insurance?

If you do, check the cover. Are any elements of it affected by your change in circumstances, such as working from home, running a predominately ‘online’ business, or by outsourcing key business functionality?


Even more so now given COVID-19, businesses must have effective cyber security systems in place. According to the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), cyber-attacks before COVID-19 were costing UK businesses £34 billion annually.

If your answers to the 6 key questions have left you concerned about your company’s cyber resilience, we can help. At QASSS, we have breadth and depth of expertise within the home improvement and renewable energy sectors. We offer bespoke and IT solutions, helping you ensure security is at the core of your strategy.

For further guidance, we’ve also produced guidance on cyber security and the latest scams, as well as guidance on technology and the agile workforce.


Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay