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Never before have IT professionals had to oversee the wholesale movement of entire teams to remote working, whilst ensuring continued productivity, continuous data back-up, utilising new technologies and maintaining system resilience and security.

What COVID-19 has highlighted is that many companies still do not understand what their digital and cybersecurity risk is. Businesses need to be developing and implementing policies to manage risk now and in preparation to adapt to shifting changes post COVID-19.


Cybersecurity has been a major issue during COVID-19 with an ever-increasing number of scams by cybercriminals (read out top tips on cybersecurity here). Businesses should not drop their guard as these risks will continue to increase post COVID-19.

Do not ignore what may seem small or micro-level threats, as these can often have an outsized impact on systems.

If you do not already have cyber incident management as part of your business continuity plans, prepare a policy now. This should include penetration tests, network security, data encryption, secure configuration, malware prevention, and, most importantly, a cyber crisis or incident response plan. Particularly important is education and ongoing awareness amongst staff, suppliers and customers.

Enabling your workforce

By now, many companies will have set up temporary solutions for remote working. However, the ‘new normal’ is most likely to include social distancing for some time and potentially additional waves of the pandemic. Continue to build and evolve your remote-work policy during and post COVID-19.

Take this time to plan for an agile workforce, to include infrastructure needs, telephony, broadband reliability, training, security, hardware and software solutions to support potentially more permanent longer-term remote working, staggered shift patterns and/or the mobilisation of some or all teams back to office locations.

Creating a truly agile workforce is where those employees included, can effectively work from anywhere at any time, allowing for optimum productivity and efficiency.

Using technology to disrupt and innovate

Digital transformation is one of the key themes of COVID-19. In the ‘new normal’, companies that embrace innovative technology will both survive and prosper.

At QASSS, we will soon be launching ‘VCAP’. VCAP is patented transformative video capture (VCAP) technology for the home improvement and renewable sectors.

VCAP will enable companies to have their eyes on the ground with both live and remote evidential video reporting to help deliver faster case resolutions, cost savings, significant operational efficiencies and better outcomes. Plus, with social distancing likely to continue, our VCAP technology will allow for companies to perform remote site visits and surveys and conduct live 2-way face to face calls and screen sharing for instant evaluation of problems, in effect seeing what customers see for real-time advice and guided video capture.

Our VCAP suite is secure, verifiable and time-stamped, and, with site visits and site surveys minimised, companies will quickly realise huge operational efficiencies and cost savings, helping with cash management in the post COVID-19 period.

We’ll be releasing more details on VCAP soon so keep an eye out for updates.

IT support and solutions

If you need help with business continuity, cyber security and other IT solutions to help your business stay safe, innovative and reduce IT costs, we can help. We understand the home improvement and renewable sectors and offer a host of bespoke IT solutions whether on a project, temporary or permanent basis. To find out more, call Nisar Raja, QASSS IT Infrastructure Manager, on 0330 335 3354 or email [email protected]

Post COVID-19 planning

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