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Latest data shows that the Citizens Advice service dealt with over 47,000 consumer issues and complaints relating to the home improvement sector over the last 12 months to April 2020.

What is also disappointing for the sector is that out of all defined categories in consumer goods and services, ‘home maintenance and improvements’ issues came second highest (the number one spot was used vehicles).


home improvement issues

The statistics also show the most complained about products and services within the home improvement sector. We’ve put together the top 10 by volume, with roofing and chimney repairs being accountable for nearly 7,000 complaints and window frames and doors receiving over 6,000 complaints from May 2109 to April 2020.


home improvement complaints


Being an accredited member of a reputable home improvement consumer protection scheme (such as HIES, HICS or DGCOS) not only helps increase conversion rates but shows a commitment by the firm to providing customers with trust, confidence and peace of mind before, during and after their installation.

QASSS provides alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services for the three consumer protection schemes. The service is free to consumers and offers industry-leading mediation services. The benefits of using ADR for businesses and consumers alike include cost savings, savings on time, reduced stress, speed, flexibility and fairness.