Zanussi Complaint Handling

Zanussi covers the whole of the UK installing and upgrading boilers. Owned by the Electrolux Group, they have been established since 1916 and are widely recognised for the quality of their innovative products.

To help free up internal resources to focus on sales and generate cost-savings in complaint management Zanussi enlisted our award-winning team to manage their entire complaint handling operation.

The QASSS Solution

Due to our existing sector expertise and existing complaints infrastructure, we quickly deployed a dedicated team to manage all telephone and email complaints on their behalf with a white-label solution, fully branded as Zanussi.

Essentially, QASSS acts as an extension of the Zanussi team, working to the same high standards to ensure all customers are fully looked after when a problem or issue occurs, which can range from quick fixes for customers to help reset a boiler so it can operate correctly to more complex installation faults.

Our team assess customers’ needs quickly to determine the severity of the issue so we can respond accordingly, including coordinating with Zanussi’s remedial team of engineers to attend on-site to fix any issues.

The Results

The new service has already proved extremely successful for Zanussi. Having their internal team freed up to concentrate on generating revenue has made a noticeable difference.

We have also helped generate significant cost savings by accurate over-the-phone assessments and first call resolution to prevent sending engineers out unnecessarily.

Dom McHale, Managing Director of Zanussi Boilers, commented, “We continue to use the QASSS relationship to enhance our customer experience. We are now working with QASSS to handle customer resolutions more seamlessly, using their complaint handling expertise to resolve complaints fairly and quickly and ensure corrective actions are implemented.”

You can hear from Dom directly by way of a video testimonial here.

How we can help

We’re there to take the headaches away from clients and help companies save time, money, and in-house resource.

Our approach and experience mean that we can handle a wide range of different customer scenarios to deliver quick resolutions, driving better customer outcomes whilst safeguarding the reputation of our clients.

Reduce overheads

Reduce internal staff costs, overheads, and free up management time and resources.

Rapid resolution

QASSS are industry-leading QASSS are industry-leading for speed of resolution, driving better outcomes for clients and customers.

Protect brand reputation

High-quality customer service can help turn complainants into loyal brand advocates.

Reduce escalation

QASSS will help resolve complaints quickly and efficiently to reduce the incidence of escalated complaints and risk of legal proceedings.

 Quality assurance 

We have over 10 years’ experience in the home improvement and renewable energy sectors ensuing in-depth technical expertise.

To find out how we can help you save time, money, and resource with outsource complaint handling, call Laura today on 0161 676 0919 or email [email protected]

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