qasss post covid 19 planning

COVID-19 has changed the way we work, socialise, consume and communicate. It has created uncertainty and changed behaviours and beliefs. But what will happen in the home improvement and renewable sectors post COVID-19 in the recovery period and what will be the ‘new normal’?

As well as being proactive to preserve business continuity, it is at this critical stage that you need to start planning for post COVID-19. The key questions become, what next, and with what consequences and opportunities?

One thing is for sure, companies that are preparing for the recovery period now, rather than hoping for a quick reset to pre-COVID-19 days, will undoubtedly not only survive but grow and prosper in the longer-term.

So, what should your post COVID-19 plan include? We’ve looked at six key areas to help with the planning process, including finance, people, marketing, IT, operations and customer service.

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QASSS post covid 19 planning

And remember, keep focused on the positives. COVID-19 has generated steep learning curves for many, including innovative and smart working, upskilling, digital transformation, quicker to market revenue streams, promoting a culture of trust, increased sustainability, real corporate social responsibility and true collaboration, both across teams and externally with like-minded companies.

These learnings are invaluable and will help to make your company more sustainable, resilient and supportive to your employees, customers, suppliers and wider society in the recovery period and beyond.