ARCO workshop

Award-winning dispute resolution company, QASSS, recently shared their experiences of complaint handling with the Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO) at their recent member complaint handling workshop.

QASSS is industry-leading for their speed of resolution, averaging 3.59 days for disputes, whilst maintaining high quality and sector expertise in home improvement. At the workshop presentation QASSS Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Adrian Simpson, shared his insights into effective handling of complaints and disputes. This included the importance of listening and getting quickly to the root of the issue being complained about, managing expectations, taking a less bureaucratic approach, and taking responsibility for complaints.

Adrian Simpson, QASSS Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, commented, “We are absolutely passionate about driving better outcomes for consumers and businesses by quick and effective complaint handling and for which we’re proud to have won 4 awards this year reflecting our fantastic service. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with ARCO and sharing our insights with other industries.”

Sally Ireland, Head of Regulation & Compliance at ARCO, commented, “We are always keen to learn from other sectors and ARCO are very grateful to Adrian for sharing his insight from QASSS’s complaint handling expertise. Providing guidance on best practice and setting standards for our members is central to ARCO’s mission, enabling older people in Retirement Communities to live independently for longer.”

QASSS specialise in complaint handling and alternative dispute resolution for the home improvement and renewable energy sectors. Their approach to complaint handling ensures quick, fair and improved outcomes.

QASSS’s complaint teams have specialist sector experience to deliver the best results for businesses and their customers, all the while saving businesses time, money, and resource.

To find out more about QASSS’s complaint handling and dispute resolution services, please contact Laura on 0330 335 3354 or via email at


Adrian Simpson: Adrian Simpson is the Director of Policy for QASSS. Adrian works closely with stakeholders to ensure that the solutions that QASSS delivers will help businesses and consumers.

About ARCO: Founded in 2012, ARCO (Associated Retirement Community Operators) is the principle body representing both private and not-for-profit operators of housing-with-care schemes in the UK. ARCO’s members aim to provide housing and care solutions to an additional 150,000 people over the next 10 years.

Image by mmi9 from Pixabay