Risk and compliance

As a responsible market-leading business, we operate in an ethical manner. Throughout the company, there is on-going promotion, awareness and understanding of all company policies, and our attention to detail ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Our policy sets out how we manage personal data held and processed by the business. All employees receive initial and ongoing training regarding their responsibilities under the Data Protection Act.

Our Information Security policy defines who can access which records, when they can do this and on what devices. It also specifies the environment that information can be held and the security controls in place across our various technologies and platforms.

Our employees receive extensive training throughout their employment. As a business, we believe that Health and Safety is key to our success and we therefore provide a safe, fun and healthy environment for our people to work in.

Conduct Risk is a key theme in the Financial Services Sector, where the industry is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Broadly speaking, Conduct Risk covers the risk of firms acting in a way that causes detriment to consumers. Although QASSS is not an FCA regulated entity, we have implemented a similar approach as this combines with our work regarding consumer protection.

This links to Conduct Risk as it relates to the fair treatment of customers. Everyone connected to QASSS benefits if customers are treated fairly and our approach has over many years delivered world-class consumer protection.

Our policy sets how we manage the business on a day to day basis, across the markets we operate in, the workplaces we occupy and the communities that we serve.

We understand that not everything in life is perfect and that sometimes things can go wrong. Once we are notified about an issue, we quickly take ownership and focus on turning negative situations into appropriate outcomes for the parties involved. Click to view the QASSS complaints policy.

This is area is now an important aspect of managing day to day business operations. Some companies are allocating increasing amounts of resource to managing fraud risk. At QASSS, we operate effective controls across the business and our employees receive initial and ongoing refresher training.

Our policy sets out how we manage risks to ensure compliance with the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, the Terrorism Act 2002 and the Money Laundering Regulations 2007.  All employees receive initial and ongoing training to ensure that the business remains compliant.

QASSS is committed to maintaining a controlled environment that prevents and manages potential conflicts of interest. Our policy is designed to ensure that all decision making by individuals in the business is correct and appropriate. Click to view our conflict of interest policy.

Our recruitment process is vitally important, as this ensures we identify the right people to join our business. We conduct a wide range of background checks prior to employment, so that we have a good understanding of each employee’s history and background.

As you would expect from a market-leading business, risk management is an integral part of our governance framework. We constantly watch for internal and external issues and have a close eye on risks, which are logged, assessed, monitored and managed.

The objective of our Records Management Policy is to ensure that all records held by QASSS are managed in a consistent and effective manner. This includes from when records are first created, through to their eventual destruction or selection for permanent archiving.

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The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) is the professional member body for trading standards professionals and CTSI approved consumer codes of practice as well as alternative dispute resolution bodies. QASSS is an approved ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) body.

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Our ADR Officials

ADR officials are appointed indefinitely and on a permanent basis.

Tracy Dilworth

Tracy Dilworth – Senior Dispute Resolution Officer

Tracy is a Senior Dispute Resolution Officer overseeing the ADR team, specialising in helping clients and customers with disputes within the home improvement and renewable energy sectors. Tracy leads on the more complex cases using mediation and conciliation to reach a quick and fair outcome.

A Trusted Partner

QASSS protects consumers and mitigates risks across the home improvement, renewables and building repair sector. Building on our heritage as a leading consumer protection organisation in the home improvement sector, we are CTSI approved and provide industry-leading expertise and continually work to improve services and standards across the sector.

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