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Alan Walker

Complaint Handler
0161 676 0919

As one of the newest members of the Complaint Handling Team, Alan is looking forward to building new and established relationships with our clients to meet and satisfy the needs of their customers.

Alan knows that there is a wealth of knowledge and experience within the walls of QASSS which gives him great reassurance and confidence from the outset. He is joining the company at an exciting time in its history – new ventures and ideas present that continue to grow this award-winning business and believes it is a fantastic opportunity to be able to contribute in part to that journey.

With over 29 years’ experience in customer service and portfolio management experience gained in the financial services industry, Alan brings a broad mix of skills in the world of complaint handling and dispute resolution.

Away from the office, family life is never quiet for Alan. The demands of three dogs, a football-mad 14-year-old, 2 young grandchildren who never tire, and a 6ft tropical fish tank all fill the free time he and his wife spend together. Away from the domestic chaos, he is always ready to socialise and dine out with friends or enjoy a real ale experience “with the lads”.

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