Cathryn Wolfenden QASSS

Cathryn Wolfenden

Senior Dispute Resolution Officer
0330 335 3354

Cathryn’s role within the Dispute Resolution team is in most part as a mediator working with consumers and our members to provide unbiased and impartial advice to reach a mutual agreement that suits both parties.

Cathryn is also on hand to offer first-line advice to other members of the QASSS team, members and consumers that have not reached the point that requires anything as formal as an ADR case. It’s a role that Cathryn immensely enjoys. She thinks that there is no better feeling than working with someone who feels they are at the end of the road only to find that there is an outcome, and all is not lost!

Away from work, she enjoys her gym classes, walking her 3 furry hounds but most of all she likes watching her youngest excel at football and her eldest excel at the messiest person ever to have lived!

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