Tabatha Strain QASSS

Tabatha Strain

Operations Officer
0330 335 3354

Tabatha’s role involves working on behalf of finance lenders to resolve their customers’ claims in relation to incomplete installations, damaged goods, and remedial issues.

In some unfortunate cases, some customers are left in a position where their installer has ceased to trade, they have no insurance protection in place and are experiencing problems with their installation. Some customers are lucky enough to have taken out a finance agreement which gives them protection under Section 75 of The Consumer Credit Act. QASSS are appointed to arrange for the necessary works to be completed to resolve the problems and fix any issues that these customers may have. Tabatha believes that there is nothing more satisfying than these customers re-gaining faith and confidence after having such bad experiences within the industry. She thinks that it is an honour that the finance lenders choose to have a partnership with QASSS and trust us to keep their customers happy. This is due to the expertise QASSS has and the high standard that the customers are dealt with.

Tabatha has worked for QASSS for 6 years and has grown with the business, working within different departments and learning different roles. She thinks that it is amazing to see how all the schemes have developed and how improvements have been made to ensure that consumers are protected fully and will not be left disadvantaged. She is proud to work for a company that helps so many people and she loves speaking with happy customers when we’ve managed to resolve their issues.

Out of work, Tabatha owns a horse. This takes up the majority of her time as sometimes twice a day she visits the stables to look after and train her horse, Alfie. Tabatha has been involved in the equine world since she was 6 years old and has enjoyed every experience she has been lucky enough to encounter (however, wintertime isn’t much fun!) Tabatha also has a French Bulldog who she enjoys taking for walks and spoiling with cuddles and kisses. Her dream is to one day have her own farm where she can rescue lots of animals and keep them all on her doorstep safe and sound with the best life possible.

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