The worst hit areas for cybercrime across the UK have been revealed in a recent report. Scammers have always been prevalent in and around the country but with COVID-19, unfortunately, the volume of scams has soared and sadly, more and more scammers are also targeting the most vulnerable.

Where are the worst areas for cybercrime in the UK?

In order the top twenty worst hit areas include:

  1. Cambridgeshire
  2. North Wales
  3. Cumbria
  4. Thames Valley
  5. Norfolk
  6. Nottinghamshire
  7. Suffolk
  8. Bedfordshire
  9. Leicestershire
  10. North Yorkshire
  11. West Yorkshire
  12. Merseyside
  13. West Midlands
  14. Humberside
  15. Kent
  16. Warwickshire
  17. Greater Manchester
  18. South Yorkshire
  19. Cleveland
  20. Dorset

The data, analysed from the Office for National Statistics and police, show that Cambridgeshire has seen a 32% increase of cybercrime over the past 3 years, making it the worst area in the UK for cybercrime. The full report can be found here. On top of that, around 85% of organisations report phishing and social engineering attacks every year.

Michelle Stark, Sales and Marketing Director at, which compiled the report, commented: “It’s sad to see cybercrime increasing so rapidly across the UK. With consumers digitally connected with many local and national businesses, staying safe online is critical to protect your bank balance and keep your data secure. We urge all consumers to check the site is secure before they enter any data, and if uncertain, never proceed with inputting details.”

But with cybercrime becoming more prevalent and less obvious, how can you protect yourself online? QASSS have put together some guides on cyber security to help you stay safe online which you can find by clicking the links below:

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Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay