We’re excited to announce that QASSS (QA Scheme Support Services) has been announced as 2020 winners of the ‘Contact Centre Special Moment’ award at The Top Companies for Customer Service Awards. This is a fantastic accolade highlighting our industry-leading complaint handling and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services.

Our ‘Resolution Revolution’ entry outlined a key project undertaken in 2019 by our ADR team to reduce our average dispute resolution time. We felt that an industry average of over 2.5 months was far too long to resolve a dispute (CTSI reported average resolution time is 80 days(1)). We knew that we could drastically improve both company and consumer experiences by making the journey for consumer complaints hassle-free and super quick.

We set a target to achieve an average of 5 days to resolve disputes before December 2019. Our ‘Resolution Revolution’ project paid dividends, with our average dispute resolution time reduced to 4.2 days in May, averaging to 3.59 days in the Summer quarter and further improving in September 2019 to 2 days(2) – a 700% improvement in just 9 months and beating our target of 5 working days.

What does this mean for consumers and members?
QASSS (QA Scheme Support Services) operates the DGCOS, HIES and HICS consumer protection schemes. Therefore, where there is a dispute between a member and a consumer, they can both expect their complaint to be dealt with 40x quicker than the UK average of 80 days (CTSI Report, 2018).

The focus of the ‘resolution revolution’ project was to radically speed up the process whilst maintaining competency and impartially at all times. A common misconception of ADR (alternative dispute resolution) is that providers are either ‘consumer champions’ or ‘trade associations’ with a lack of fairness. However, at QASSS our impartiality rate across disputes currently sits at 48.5% consumers, 51.5% members.

Ciarán Harkin, Managing Director at QASSS, commented, “I am over the moon to win this award from the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service. I’m also pleased with the fact consumers and installers across our home improvement, renewables and glazing schemes can benefit from super quick dispute resolution times. Particularly well done to Charlotte Pilkington (Dispute Resolution Manager) and her team. They have all worked so incredibly hard.”

We’d also like to say a well done to other winners on the night including ITV, Compare the Market, Hitachi and the World Wildlife Fund.

(1) CTSI report, 2018
(2) Average results in May 2019
(3) Average results in July 2019

Image from left to right: Tracy Dilworth, Dispute Resolution Officer (QASSS) and Charlotte Pilkington, Dispute Resolution Manager (QASSS).